Gameboy Emulators

This page contain links to documentation on Game Boy emulation.

RGB Rust gameboy Emulator

This project is a minimalist gameboy emulator in rust.

Nintendo Gameboy CPU (LR35902) instruction set

A table with all the opcode of the nintendo gameboy CPU. Also include the flags affected by each instruction, and their timings. It is a rework of Imran Nazar’s opcode table.

Blargg’s testrom set

A set of test-roms made by Blargg to check the cpu instructions behavior, timing, acess to memory, and sound implementation.

Mirror available here:

How Do I Write an Emulator?

How Do I Write an Emulator? is a general introduction to developping an emulator, written by Daniel Boris in 1999. It is still very accurate. This text is independent of the platform targeted, and apply to a wide range of consoles.

Imran Nazar series

Imran Nazar’s blog posts on writing a Game Boy emulator in javascript.